Product Name:PVC Cartridge Filter
Category:Filter Housing
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Made of UPVC,parts are once-molded and standardized with easy installation and maintenance.
The inlet and outlet openings HYT series are at the same level with attractive external appearance.
The distribution system of pre-filters is distributed from the bottom to the top, Water is well-proportioned with small strike to cartridge and air is easy to be discharged.
The bottom system of HYT cartridge pre-filters is designed together as a whole with the top localizer & closure system. Cartridge are sasy to be installed.pushed down and closed,preventing leaking inside.
HYT series cartridge pre-filters are featured with band clip lid style with easy installation.
HYT series cartridge pre-filters are corrosion resistant,which can be widely used in SS-non-replace field.
Base Orientation Sketch
Water Flow Sketch
Model Flow Rate Flow Rate(GPM) Number of cartridge Size Max Pressure (Bar) Inlet/Outlet  
HYT-5DC2 7M3/H 30GPM 5*20" 257*H700 20" 6 2"/2" Different cartridge can be used
HYT-5DC3 10M3/H 45GPM 5*30" 257*H950 30" 6 2"/2"
HYT-5DC4 13M3/H 60GPM 5*40" 257*H1200 40" 6 2"/2"
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