Product Name:Pressure Gauge
Category:R.O Controller
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TDS Meter
3 Digit Display 000-999 PPM
Accuracy: ±2% F.S.
Operating Temp: 0-50ºC Automatic Compensated
Battery Life:150 hours, 4x1.4V Mercury 675H or Equivalent
Comes with Clip-On Protective pouch
Item Description
TDS-3D TDS Meter


Pressure Gauge
Side Mount
Panel Mount
Stainless Steel 304 Case
2.5" Diameter
Acrylic Window
Oil Filled
PSI/KG Indicator
Resolution ±15%
Bronze 304 ¼" NPT
Air or water applications
Item Certification PSI
PRG-100-P Panel Mount 0-100
PRG-150-P Panel Mount 0-150
PRG-200-P Panel Mount 0-200
PRG-300-P Panel Mount 0-300
PRG-400-P Panel Mount 0-400
Item Certification PSI
PRG-100-S Side Mount 0-100
PRG-150-S Side Mount 0-150
PRG-200-S Side Mount 0-200
PRG-300-S Side Mount 0-300
PRG-400-S Side Mount 0-400


Electric Pressure Control
Guarantee the optimum control of electric pumps used in a plumping systems
Maintain both pressure and flow
Automatically control the pump operation
Pressure Adjustable: 1.5~3bar
Rated voltage: 220V-240V 110V-115V
Max. Current: 10A
Frequency: 50-60Hz
Max. power: 1.1KW
Joint Screw: 1"
Protection Grade: IP65
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