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NO Part Materlal
1 Pump body Cast Iron Ht200 or copper
2 Impeller Engineering Plastics
3 Shaft Steel 2Cr13
4 Bearing Bracket Steel 1Cr18Ni9Ti
5 Bearing Impregnated graphite M104K
6 Thrust Bearing Ceramic
7 Thrust Bearing Bracket Steel 2Cr13 or EPDM
8 Shield Cover Steel 1Cr18Ni9Ti



The Feature And Use Of Circulating Pump:
VPD series of circulating pump researched and developed by scientific research personnel of our company has following merits: no leakage, low noise, environmental protection, beautiful appearance, convenient installation, run responsible and so on. It is designed special for heating sytem and it can be used to supply water and add pressure for mansions of city,villa of suburb,house,to match with industrial equipment, to supply water in cycle for cooling air-condition,boiler and solar energy,supply hot water and keep warm in cycle,etc.
The products fall into VPD-S and VPD two series according to the difference in the power of motor and speed stop number. VPD-S series means three-speed one. Usually,its rated flow is less than 5000l/h,the input power of motor is not more than 300W. VPD-S series means the one-soeed one. Usually, Its flow varies from 3000l/h-25000l/h and the input power of motor vary from 300W to 1300W.
Working Condition:
The lowest liquid
The highest liquid
The lowest environment
The highest environment
Rated voltage of power supply is 220V and frequency is 50HZ single-phase AC.
Pressure of system 1.0MPa.
Pressure of water inlet 1.0MPa.
Transmitted liquid shouldn't include solid impurity the volume of which ratio exceeds 0.1% or the size of which is more than 0.2mm.
The temperature of working environment,air and the transmitted liquid is shown in the diagram No.1
Character Of Structure:
Structure: The products is made up of pump and single-phase shield motor. The pump is made up of impeller,body of pump,etc.Motor consists of stator,rator,shield cover,deflating bolt and so on.
Seal: The pump isn't sealed with machinery sealing.The stator and rotor of motor and sealed with stainless steel cover.Other parts and all sealed with heat-resisting rubber facing ring, so that there's no leakage.
Lubricate and cool: Inside circulation way is adopted in the product. The water between the stator and the rotor can lubricate and cool the motor as the lubricate and cool the motor as the lubricant and coolant.
The Choice Of the Product:
Usually,the pump body material of the VPD circulating pump adopts cast iron but we can adopt the brass,bronze or stanless steel according to the customer's requirement.When the transport medium is clean water which is in the normal temperature,suggest you use cast iron.When it is used in the heating pipeline sytem which is under ground,we suggest that the brass or bronze be adopted as the pump body. When it is used in cycle of life hot water, you can use VPD-N(VPD-SN)which pump body material is stanless steel, or VPD-B(VPD-SB) which pump body material brass or bronze.
WARRANTY: ONE YEAR(according to our general sales conditions)


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